The Washington Manual® of Medical Therapeutics

The Washington Manual® of Medical Therapeutics

35th edition

Editor(s):Pavan Bhat MD, Alexandra Dretler MD, Mark Gdowski, Rajeev Ramgopal MD, Dominique Williams

Publisher:Wolters Kluwer


One of the best-selling medical texts in the world, it builds upon that proud tradition--with even more of the current information you need, and delivered in a time-saving, quick-reference style. This latest update is based on the 35th edition with additional features, enhanced functionality and ongoing updates.

The Washington Manual® of Medical Therapeutics is a comprehensive, easy to access, and popular on-call resource for house staff and faculty globally.

Key Features
  • Complete text with optimized navigation
  • Core set of essential, trusted resources combined in one convenient package
  • Comprehensive coverage of all areas of medicine including neurology and toxicology
  • Powerful, index-based searches that provides results quickly
  • References and pages linked throughout for instant access
  • Integrated updates that give the most up-to-date information at your fingertips
  • New streamlined format that helps you keep pace with the latest advances in the field while removing redundancies and outdated information
  • Enhanced table of contents for quicker reference
  • Concise discussion of pathophysiology, an evidence-based current therapies, and diagnostic and therapeutic guidance from global experts
  • 29 Decision support algorithms and 26 built-in calculators to assist in clinical decisions
  • Easy-to-access formulas
  • Most vital on-call resource for house staff and faculty around the world!
  • Useful resource for internists, residents in internal medicine, emergency medicine, and family medicine, physician assistants and nurse practitioners

Unique Features

Full color images: This product includes images that help bring the content to life.

Update Policy: Edition-based. New editions are released when the content changes significantly; there is no standard schedule for new editions.


  • 26 Built-in Medical Calculators: Provide instant access from within clinical topics to
    • Aa Gradient
    • Anion Gap, Serum
    • Body Mass Index (BMI) (Adult)
    • GFR - Cockcroft-Gault Method (Adult)
    • Glomerular Filtration Rate
    • Ideal Body Weight
    • LDL Cholesterol
    • Reticulocyte Index
    • Transtubular Potassium Gradient
    • Body Mass Index (BMI) (Child)
    • And more...
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